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Residential roof repair customers continue to depend on WDR Roofing Company as the most trusted residential roofer in Austin, TX. Our team of professional roofers has the skill and years of experience you require to deliver the best residential roofing services.

Whether you need ongoing roof maintenance, roof repairs, or complete roof replacement, WDR Roofing Company has the knowledge of today’s modern roofing requirements to help you. We work with all top roofing material manufacturers and we guarantee that all work is completed with dedication to our highest level of quality roofing services.

Professional Roofing Service and Materials
WDR Roofing Company stands out as the quality roofing services contractor in Central Texas thanks to our commitment to serving customers. We’re more than just another Austin, TX roofing company because we reach out to help customers throughout the area while delivering an unmatched level of customer service.

Protect Your Home With A Quality Roof

Your roof acts as a shield protecting your home and your family against nature’s worst from varmints to damaging weather. It also acts as an insulating barrier to cold winters and scorching Texas heat. One of the most important protections your roof provides is against moisture. Strong winds combined with rain can get inside your home without a strong, reliable roof. Once water gets inside the level of damage increases and costs go up quickly.

WDR Roofing Company only uses roofing materials from the most reliable and well-known brands in the industry. Our roofing specialists know from years of residential roofing which manufacturers have long-lasting roofing materials. Years of experience in the field and completing hundreds of roofing inspections have shown us what roofing materials will work best for our clients.

Trusted Residential Roofing Company

Our team of roofers is made up of what we consider the best roofing professionals in the area. We have the roofing expertise to guide you through all phases of your roofing needs from the initial inspection to the detailed job estimate to completing all required roofing work. WDR Roofing Company can deliver the residential roof repair or replacement you need.

We provide a complete team of roofers on all jobs including well-trained installers and a project manager to oversee all work. The goal is always to finish every job with the highest quality. Clients have trusted us for years as the reliable residential roofer who always stands behind the work we complete.

As the premier residential roofer in Austin, TX, WDR Roofing Company can provide a long-lasting roof for your home that will protect your property and family. Whether you need quality roof repairs or a complete roof replacement due to weather damage, our team can get the work done quickly.
As an added benefit of our professional roofing services, we have specialists who work with insurance claims for roof repair or replacement. We have the years of experience and knowledge to coordinate all repairs and insurance claims between you and your insurance company.


The team of roofing professionals at WDR Roofing Company stands ready to provide you with a free roof inspection and deliver detailed estimates for all roofing work. We want you to have all the information you need to make the most informed decision about completing all hail damage roof repair.

When it comes to standing out as the best residential roofing company, we know how to get work done on your home. The years of experience and skill of our residential roofers allow us to meet and exceed customer expectations. We believe that is the best way to do business.

Our team is committed to serving Austin, TX and the surrounding communities. Customers can always expect our best as a professional roofing contractor. Let WDR Roofing Company be your residential roofer so you can have the highest quality roof available.


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