Complete Roof Inspection Service – Austin, TX

At WDR Roofing Company in Austin, TX, we understand that any problem with your roof is a priority. We help customers by providing fast-action, free roof inspection service from one of our roof repair experts.

Our team of roofing professionals arrive at your property to complete a full inspection of your commercial or residential roof. We assess all maintenance and roof damage needs and provide detailed estimates for all roofing work. Our complete roofing inspection services allows you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

WDR Roofing Company works hard every day to make sure our customers have everything they need to keep their roof in working order.

Texas Weather Requires Roof Inspection

The first step to getting the best roof inspection service available is to realize that your roof needs attention. Many property owners don’t understand the need for regular roof inspections. Every roof in Austin and Central Texas takes a beating all year long. Sun, wind, rain, and the scattered hailstorm all take a toll on roofs. Your roof needs to be looked at by a professional so you can know how to best take of it and keep it protecting your property for years to come.

Not all roof inspections are the same. WDR Roofing Company requires all our roof inspectors to undergo rigorous training. Combine that with years of experience for all our expert inspectors and our clients know they will get the best inspection possible.


WDR Roofing Company prides itself on providing reliable, quality service. Every member of our team is committed to total customer satisfaction. We aren’t happy until you’re happy, and we will work with you every step of the process.

Roof inspections are looking for key elements on your roof: improper installation; material wear and tear; and damage.

Often hidden on your roof is evidence of improper roof installation. Many roofing companies today employee day workers and roof installers with limited experience. Simple steps and requirements for installing shingles or roof elements such as metal flashing or underlayment can void warranties. Even worse, lack of competent work can leave your roof open to leaks and weather damage.

The sun and weather are the worst enemies of your roof and you’ll need a professional roof inspection that WDR Roofing Company offers. Even the best roofing materials usually do not last as long as expected under the bombardment from years of sun, wind, rain, and hailstorms, especially without regular maintenance inspections.

A combination of natural elements can damage your roof. The sun constantly heats up roofing material up to 120 degrees on the hottest days of summer. This can loosen the grip of shingles and cause them to become more brittle or even crack. All the beautiful, sunny days in Texas are a constant attack on your roof, so let WDR Roofing Company provide you with a free roof inspection.

Rain, wind, and hail can damage shingles and other roof elements with sheer force. Rain constantly tries to find a weak point to leak into your house. Wind can rip shingles off the roof and even tear off the underlayment, leaving your home open to pests and water. Even small size hail combined with strong winds can damage your roof to wear it needs a complete roof replacement. Large size hail can rip holes in your roof.

Best Roof Inspection Service

The biggest problem with any roof damage is that it often goes unnoticed without the best roof inspection service from WDR Roofing Company. If there are no immediate problems following a storm, such as water getting into your home and leaking through the interior ceiling, you may not realize there’s a problem. A single missing shingle and a small tear in the underlayment can allow water into your home. It may never reach your interior but can cause damage to mechanical systems in your attic or cause mildew and mold.


You and your roof may come out just fine after a hailstorm with no leaks, but the damage has been done. Only a professional roof inspector like WDR Roofing Company can identify the level of damage caused by hail. We can help you discover the damage and work with you to file any insurance claims. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover “natural” damages.

WDR Roofing Company in Austin, TX can provide you with the quality roof inspection required for your commercial or residential roofing needs.


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