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Every business and homeowner in Cedar Park will at some time need the services of a roofing company. Striving to always deliver superior client support, WDR Roofing Company is proud to be recognized as the Cedar Park roofer providing reliable, quality roofing services.

Each roofing job is a chance to display our goal of helping protect your business or home and earn a relationship as your roofer for the lifetime of your roof. We have decades of experience in the roofing industry. Our team members have the skills and experience to deliver quality roofing, and they’re always adding updated methods and knowledge to help our customers.

When you need the best local roofer in Cedar Park, TX, call on the professionals at WDR Roofing Company. We’ll make sure all work from roof repairs to roof replacement is handled in a timely manner. We know what it’s like to be facing roofing issues, small or large, and what it takes to solve these problems.

WDR is one of Cedar Parks’s Top Roofing Companies for leaks or roof repair, replacement & installation. Expert residential and commercial roofing contractors.
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Cedar Park Roof Inspection Service

Determining the best course of action for any roof work starts with a roof inspection. At WDR Roofing Company, we provide a no-cost roof inspection for commercial and residential customers. There is much more to a roof inspection than most people realize.

Anyone can look at a roof and notice obvious damage such as missing shingles or a hole in the roof. But, without proper training and skills, the less-experienced eye will certainly miss roof issues than can cause serious problems. Our roof inspection specialists regularly return from the field with stories from homeowners where other roofers glanced over a damaged roof and declared it satisfactory. Upon further inspection by WDR Roofing Company specialists the same roof was deemed damaged and in need of serious repair or replacement.

Quality Roof Repair and Replacement - WDR Roofing Company Cedar Park, TX

Roofs aren’t just shingles sitting around basking in the sun. Roofs are well-designed defense barriers with complex systems containing many parts all working together for one goal – protect your valuable home and property. Any missing or damaged part of the roof is a concern that should be addressed quickly.

For example, a professional roof inspection can determine that shingles damaged by hail or chimney flashing loosened by severe winds are letting moisture into your business or home. Our roofing specialists can complete an inspection properly because they know how to identify hail damage or loose flashing that others will miss. A small roof leak can allow water to damage several parts of the roof system, such as the underlayment or decking, or even let water get inside the home into the insulation and walls.

Roof damage needs quick repair, otherwise more costly issues can develop faster than expected. Professional roof inspection service from WDR Roofing Company helps stop roof problems before they get out of hand.

Roof Repair Services in Cedar Park

Once a roof problem is properly identified, WDR Roofing Company has teams in place to deliver all commercial or residential roof repair services needed. Businesses and homeowners can know if a roofer will deliver quality roof repair by looking for these qualities:

  • Free roof inspection
  • Identify all roof issues
  • Offer complete repair options
  • Seek repairs before replacement if possible
  • Only use highest quality materials
  • Maintain current roofing methods, standards
  • Complete work on schedule
  • Offer affordable roof repair options
  • Maintain roofing budget throughout job

We understand the complexities of all roofing services and can help guide you through all roof repair decisions. Our roofing specialists will offer detailed options at competitive prices for all repair work. Our trained and experienced roof installers complete all work thoroughly and efficiently, even cleaning up all debris at every job.

WDR Roofing Company wants to help maintain your roof for its expected life span. You get the best roof repair services in Cedar Park while we develop a long-lasting customer relationship we want to last for years.

Trusted Cedar Park Roofing Contractor

Roofing customers in Cedar Park and throughout Central Texas communities have come to know WDR Roofing Company as the trusted roofing contractor they can turn to in time of need. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services on every job. We know this level of trust in our services attracts customers we want to help.

WDR Roofing Company is the trusted roofing contractor selected by customers because of our full-service availability and our daily dedication to quality roof work. This combination of service and quality makes WDR Roofing Company the best choice as a trusted roofing professional in Cedar Park.

We offer a wide range of roofing material options – all the best quality in the industry – to all customers. We understand budgets are a concern, and we can find an affordable option. Our goal is to offer materials from the best manufacturers with choices to suit the tastes and budgets of all our clients. From color selection to custom materials, we’ll work with you on selecting the best roofing materials for your project.

Locally Owned Cedar Park Roofing Company

At WDR Roofing Company, we care about community and delivering the best roofing services as a locally owned business. When searching for a roofing contractor in Cedar Park, you can rely on our team to deliver commercial and residential roofing services for all your needs. We understand that keeping your roof working properly will protect your valuable property or home.

WDR Roofing Company is a family-owned and operated business where our team members live, shop, and work in the local community. Customer satisfaction is always at the top of our list of daily successes because we know we might run into you at the grocery store or community event. We want to be your roofer for the life of your roof.

Roof Inspection Service - Cedar Park TX - WDR Roofing Company

We don’t compete against other roofers because we know from decades of successful projects in the community that we stand above other roofers. Our workmanship and quality in all roofing services sets us apart as the exceptional, locally owned roofing business. Ask us about your roofing needs, and we’ll deliver all needed roofing services with a smile as we get to work.

Responsive Roofing Service Company

When a roof’s strength and ability to function properly is damaged, commercial and residential roofing customers want a responsive service company that can deliver when called. WDR Roofing Company is the reliable roofer in Cedar Park with a team of roofing specialists that can complete roof work as needed, when needed.

We can provide exceptional roofing services from simple repairs to full installations to complete roof replacement. Often roof repair or replacement is needed following a severe storm. Emergency roofing needs can be stressful to the point of overwhelming. Our roofing team responds quickly and delivers reliable service to protect your property and return your roofing system to working order.

WDR Roofing Company in Cedar Park Texas, is experienced in all stages of commercial or residential roofing insurance claims. We can help you through the process and work with all insurance companies to make sure all work is completed as needed.

Experienced Roofing Professionals in Cedar Park TX

WDR Roofing Company provides commercial and residential roof inspection, roof replacement, and roof repair services you count on from experienced professionals. Our team of expert roofers is the full-service roofing contractor option for Cedar Park, TX, and surrounding communities.

Our focus on quality as a reliable local roofer will deliver a well-built roofing project for your business or home. Work with WDR Roofing Company to get the most affordable roofing services backed by years of experience delivering quality roof work.

Call us today at (512) 820-1332 and one of our experienced, courteous roofing team members will get you started to complete all your roofing services needs.


WDR roofing is proud to provide its services to the community of Cedar Park. 

Information about Cedar Park

 Cedar Park is a major suburb of Austin in the state of Texas.

  • Geo coordinates: 30.506620°N, -97.830317°W
  • Postcodes: 78613, 78630, 78726
  • Population (approx.): 75,226



  • 183A toll road
  • Cypress Creek/Brushy Creek Road



  • Kittie Hill Airport (7 miles)
  • Georgetown Municipal Airport (15 miles)
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (22 miles)
  • Taylor Municipal Airport (23 miles)
  • Burnet Municipal Airport – Kate Craddock Field (29 miles)



  • Cedar Park High School
  • Vista Ridge High School
  • Reagan Elementary School
  • Cedar Park Middle School
  • Naumann Elementary School
  • Deer Creek Elementary School
  • Westside Elementary School
  • Cox Elementary School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Henry Middle School
  • Faubion Elementary School
  • Brushy Creek Montessori School
  • Cedar Park Charter Academy
  • Cedar Park Montessori School
  • Bright Star Academy Schools
  • Giddens Elementary School



  • Bee Cave is 15 miles to the south-west.
  • Manor is 19 miles to the south-east.
  • Austin is 17 miles to the south-east.
  • Pflugerville is 12 miles to the south-east.
  • Round Rock is 8 miles to the east.
  • Lakeway is 14 miles to the south-west.
  • West Lake Hills is 20 miles to the south.
  • Lago Vista is 14 miles west.
  • Georgetown is 18 miles to the north-east.
  • Steiner Ranch is 13 miles to the south-west.



  • Brushy Creek Lake Park – Park set around a 38-acre lake with trails, a playground, fishing pier & wildlife viewing area.
  • Elizabeth Milburn Pool – A 42-acre park featuring a veloway, BMX track, public pool, playing fields & rock-climbing wall.
  • Brushy Creek Regional Trail spans 10.4 mi. from Twin Lakes Park to Forest Ridge Boulevard.
  • Cedar Bark Park 5-acre off-leash park offers a pond, showers & water fountains, plus a separate area for small dogs.
  • Twin Lakes Park aimed at accessible recreation with paved walkways, fishing lakes, boat rentals & playgrounds.
  • Champion Park – Family-oriented park including a covered playground with sandbox, picnic areas & a water feature.
  • Buttercup Creek Cave Preserve
  • McCann Park and Trail