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One of the biggest obstacles that you are likely going to be faced with when you are dealing with something like roof repair is not knowing which company to hire. For something that is so integral to the overall health of your entire home, it is important to make the right decision. Not to mention, any kind of roof work is likely to cost a lot of money. Because of the significant expense, you want to ensure that it is a reputable company that you end up hiring for the job. Luckily, there is plenty that can be done to ensure that you are able to find the best company. Below, we will be going over some of the keys to finding the best Austin roofing companies.

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Finding The Best Austin Roofing Companies:


1. Looking For Experience.

The main thing that you want to identify whenever you are looking to hire the right Austin roofing company would have to be a high level of experience. Looking for experience is always going to be in your best interest as a consumer. By finding a company with a high level of experience, you should be able to have much greater peace of mind that you are making a good hiring decision. Finding the company with the most experience is typically one of the best things that you can end up doing when you are trying to identify the right one to hire.

2. Look At Reputation.

Another major thing that you should be looking to do when you are trying to identify the right company you should look into hiring would be to look for the company with the best reputation on the marketplace. Luckily, there are so many different ways to properly identify the company that is going to be able to offer you the right reputation for the job. You can look at the different companies in the marketplace to clearly identify the company that has the best reputation in the marketplace. There are plenty of different companies that you can sort through that have been properly vetted by other Austin residents. You can check various review websites to find the highest rated companies including but not limited to Angie’s List and Yelp.

3. Look For A Warranty Or Guarantee.

Another big thing that you should be looking to find in a company that you are going to trust with your roofing work would be some sort of warranty or guarantee. Finding a company that is both willing and able to offer you some kind of guarantee is a good thing that you can do to find a company that is not likely to disappoint. By finding a company willing and able to offer you a guarantee of some sort, you should be able to count on them to deliver the best possible experience. Any company willing to offer a warranty on their service is likely confident in their abilities and the quality of materials they use for their jobs. Therefore, you should be much more confident hiring a company that is confident enough in their work to offer one.

4. Licensing and Insurance.

Another major thing that has to be considered is whether or not the company offers the right kind of licensing and insurance for the job. The last thing you want to do is leave yourself liable for potential damages that could result from hiring the wrong roofing contractor. By finding one that has the required licensing and insurance to be able to properly protect themselves and their respective employees, you should be able to be fully confident in hiring them.

Overall, there is a lot that you will want to look for when you are attempting to find the right company that you should be hiring for the job. You want to identify everything above in order to narrow down the potential candidates to really make the right hire. You want to look at everything from the warranty that they are willing to offer (if any) to the experience that they bring to the table. By doing all of this, you should be able to find the best possible candidate to consider hiring for your roofing work in Austin.

Austin Roof Inspection Service

Everyone needs to take advantage of the free roof inspection service for their business or home. An inspection is a great offer for two reasons – you get to know our company and the integrity of our professional roof inspectors and roofing issues you may be facing will be revealed. A roof inspection gets you started on the road to quality roof repair or roof replacement.

There is no obligation and here’s some questions we’ll get answered in a roof inspection:

  • Are there signs of current or past wind or hail damage?
  • Any signs of wind/hail damage to windows, deck, fencing?
  • Metal flashing rusted, bent, torn away from decking?
  • Points of leakage around fascia or rotting wood?
  • Gutter connections weak, leaking, showing rot?
  • How “aged” is the roof, how long will it last?
  • Are seals around vents, pipes, and valleys in good shape?
  • Any shingles or tiles missing or broken?
  • Signs of dampness, water leaks from damaged shingles, etc.?
  • Vents, ridge vents, soffits allowing air flow?
Quality Roof Repair and Replacement - WDR Roofing Company Cedar Park, TX

Property owners should never underestimate the importance of a qualified roof inspection to determine roof issues or the extent of storm damage. WDR roofing inspectors are the qualified, experienced professionals who can assess your roof properly. There are many parts of a roof all working together in a complex structure to create a single, formidable defense to protect your property.

Mother Nature is not a kind soul when a severe thunderstorm rolls through Central Texas and leaves a wake of damage and costly roof repairs. Cute critters on TV shows – raccoons, opossums, squirrels – are actually opportunistic vermin that will tear through a weak roof and stake out a new home any time they please. Maintaining your roof as a strong defense system can fight off the next storm, deter nuisance rodents, and save you thousands of dollars over time. Investing in roof repairs now keeps more money in your pocket later.

With your roof being such an important part of the overall well-being of your business or household, don’t let a lesser-trained roofer walk your roof. WDR Roofing Company only employs skilled and experienced roof inspectors who all determined to protect your roof. They do this by accurately identifying issues, providing solutions, and helping you get started with repairs.

Every day a roof is subjected to harsh elements such as the sun, rain, or wind. A “light” storm may not be the time your roof fails, but each weather event takes a toll on your roof. As the roof weakens over time it only takes one hellacious thunderstorm with hail and raging winds – common in Georgetown and Central Texas – to tear up a roof and send you scrambling for a temporary tarp to keep rain from ruining everything in your business or home. Big storms cause big repair bills quickly.

Get a free roof inspection, maintain your roof, complete all roof repairs quickly, and invest in a complete roof replacement as needed. WDR Roofing Company can help with all roofing services so you can invest now to save money on roofing over time.

Roof Repair Services in Austin

Because a roof is such a complex system of parts – shingles, decking, valleys, gutters, pipes, vents, seals, underlayment, ridges, chimneys – it can be difficult to find the best solution for roofing repair services. The best way is to call WDR Roofing Company and let our team of professionals relieve your concerns.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best roofing contractors in the business and our customers trust us to complete all work. Whenever there is a problem, we can help you act quickly with an inspection by one of our roofing specialists. Once we’ve identified the problem, we can offer the best solution, and complete all roof repairs. We understand busy schedules and budgets, so we’ll find a workable time for all repairs and provide quality roof repairs at an affordable price.

Roofs won’t keep working forever and there’s no real way to determine how long roof repairs will hold. What WDR Roofing Company does offer is that we guarantee all our work will be completed with the highest quality craftsmanship (We do, of course, offer all applicable manufacturer warranties). At WDR Roofing Company, we don’t take chances with inferior materials. Our customers know they receive top-quality materials from the best roofing manufacturers in the marketplace on every job.

Roofing is a serious business that affects people for many years and the WDR Roofing Company in Austin team takes all work seriously. We want all our roof repair and roof replacement work to last a lifetime if possible, and we surely want our customers be satisfied with all our services. If we can help your roof fend off the next big storm in Austin Texas, we know you’ll return to us if needed.

The key to proper roof repair is working with a team of professional inspectors and installers who have the years of training, experience, and skill to complete the best roof work possible. WDR Roofing Company has the team in place to deliver roofing services you need. We start with a roof inspection and finish by cleaning up after every job.

Trusted Austin Roofing Contractor

In a world where there are so many options for service companies, WDR Roofing Company stands above the crowded field as the trusted roofing contractor in Austin TX and surrounding communities. We’ve worked long and hard for many years to provide the best roofing services nearby our growing business.

Whether it’s a simple shingle repair or an extensive roof replacement project, our customers can trust we will deliver all roof work at affordable prices and with a level of quality unmatched in the market.

Locally Owned Austin Roofing Business

WDR Roofing Company was born as a locally owned business and we’ve grown to a larger scale thanks to our business roots. Our family – our team of professional roofers and installers – enjoy being a part of the local community in Austin. We all work hard to maintain a connection other locally owned businesses and our residential neighbors.

Sometimes community members just need a little “neighborly advice” about roofing and we oblige them. We know if we can help with the little issues our neighbors, our customers, will come to us to help them with big roofing problems we’re glad to tackle.

Roof Inspection Service - Cedar Park TX - WDR Roofing Company

Responsive Service Company

When you have a roofing problem, it’s never fun to be left waiting for someone to come and help. WDR Roofing Company prides itself of being a responsive service company available when roofing issues occur. We are equipped for emergency roof repair response whenever there is severe damage.

We work with businesses and homeowners to adjust to their schedule and get you roofing help when you need it. Because we’re local to Austin we can often send help even before other roofers even know a storm hit the area.

Experienced Roofing Professionals in Austin

mconExperience counts, especially in the roofing business.


Our best-in-class roofing team at WDR Roofing Company is trained, skilled, and experienced in all phases of roofing services. We are roofing specialists. Roofing is at the core of our being and what we live to do every day.


We are not just another roofing company, we are a full-service roofing contractor capable of providing all needed commercial and residential roof work. Our team starts with an inspection and then we work with you to plan the best course of action for roof repairs, new roof installation, or roof replacement. From regular maintenance to storm damage, WDR Roofing Company has the team of experienced professionals to provide all your roofing services.


Call us today at (512) 820-1332 and one of our experienced, courteous roofing team members will get you started to complete all your roofing services needs. 

WDR is one of the top roofing companies and is proud to serve the community of Austin and it’s surrounding areas. 

About Austin TX

Austin is located in Travis County and is the capital of Texas in the United States of America. Austin is the fastest growing city in the United States and is the fourth largest city in Texas.

  • Population (approx): 932,000
  • Geo coordinates: 30.2672°N, 97.7431°W
  • Postcodes: 78766, 78712, 78715, 78768, 78713, 78767, 78714, 78799, 78701, 78705


Roads In and Around Austin

  • Toll Road 183A
  • Texas State Highway 45
  • Texas State Highway Loop 343
  • Texas State Highway 130
  • Texas State Highway Loop 360
  • Texas State Highway Loop 1
  • Interstate 10
  • Interstate 35
  • Sixth Street
  • U.S. Route 290
  • U.S. Route 183
  • Texas State Highway 71


Airports In and Near Austin

  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • Bergstrom Air Force Base
  • Austin Executive Airport
  • Robert Muller Municipal Airport
  • Bud Dryden Airport


Schools In Austin

  • Austin High School
  • Allison Elementary School
  • Andrews Elementary School
  • Baldwin Elementary School
  • Baranoff Elementary School
  • Barbara Jordan Early College Prep School
  • Barrington Elementary School
  • Barton Hills Elementary School
  • Becker Elementary School
  • Blackshear Elementary School
  • Blanton Elementary School
  • John C. Blazier Elementary School
  • Boone Elementary School
  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • Brooke Elementary School
  • Brown Elementary School
  • Bryker Woods Elementary School
  • Westlake High School
  • Campbell Elementary School
  • Bertha Casey Elementary School
  • Casis Elementary School
  • Nan Clayton Elementary School
  • Cook Elementary School
  • Cowan Elementary School
  • Cunningham Elementary School
  • Lake Travis High School


Lakes and Rivers in Austin

  • Lake Austin
  • Lady Bird Lake
  • Lake Travis
  • Colorado River
  • Pedernales River
  • Barton Creek
  • Barton Springs
  • Hamilton Pool
  • Quarry Lake
  • Elm Waterhole
  • Walnut Creek
  • Hippie Hollow Park
  • Twin Falls
  • Deep Eddy Municipal Pool


Nearby Cities

  • Cedar Park is 20 miles to the north.
  • Round Rock is 18 miles to the north.
  • Pflugerville is 18 miles to the north-east. 
  • Manor is 14 miles to the east.
  • Bee Cave is 17 miles to the west. 
  • Manchaca is 12 miles to the south-west.
  • Georgetown is 28 miles to the north.
  • Steiner Ranch is 19 miles to the north-west.


Rail Stations in Austin

  • Metro Howard Station Park and Ride
  • Downtown Station (Capital MetroRail)
  • Lakeline Station (Capital MetroRail)
  • Austin Station (Amtrak)
  • Highland Station (Capital MetroRail)
  • Kramer Station (Capital MetroRail)
  • Plaza Saltillo Station (Capital MetroRail)


Things to Do and See in Austin

  • Zilker Metropolitan Park is in South Austin off of Barton Springs Road and is a 350-acre recreational area.
  • The Texas State Capitol is in downtown Austin and located on Congress Avenue.
  • Lady Bird Lake is a Colorado River reservoir in Austin and is in downtown Austin.
  • Barton Springs Pool is an outdoor swimming pool filled with water from natural springs nearby and located in Zilker Park.
  • The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin is several blocks from the Texas State Capitol on Congress Ave.
  • Mount Bonnell is on Lake Austin and off of Mount Bonnell Road.
  • The Congress Avenue Bridge crosses over Lady Bird Lake and is the home to 1.5 million bats in April and May.
  • The Barton Creek Greenbelt is off of S Capitol of Texas Highway.
  • LBJ Presidential Library is located on Red River St in Austin.
  • Blanton Museum of Art in Austin is one of the largest university art museums and is on E Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard .
  • Austin Zoo is a non-profit rescue located in Travis County, west of Austin and is off of Rawhide Trail.
  • Circuit of the Americas (COTA) is the home of the U.S. Grand Prix and is on Circuit of the Americas Boulevard.
  • Frost Bank Tower near East 4th Street and Congress Avenue is a 33 floor, 515 ft tall building.
  • Driskill Hotel is off of East 6th Street and Brazos Street and was built in 1886 and is the oldest operating hotel in Austin.
  • Sixth Street, formerly known as Pecan Street is a historic road as well as an entertainment district.
  • The Austonian is off of Congress Avenue and is 56 stories the tallest all-residential building in the USA.